Manage your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ads is completely free.

Take advantage of $125 in free advertising.

Manage your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ads is completely free. Take advantage of $125 in free advertising.
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Starting today, you can easily manage, automate, and optimize your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook advertisements.

If you haven’t experimented with Microsoft advertisements before, this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Take $125 in FREE ads

For those with varying levels of marketing expertise

Do you have no prior digital marketing experience? To set up, optimize, and manage your internet marketing initiatives, just follow the step-by-step steps provided in this guide.

Have you already started advertising? Connect your accounts quickly and easily to manage, optimize, and automate your campaigns with minimal effort. Then you may reach new heights without having to add to your workload.

Google and Facebook campaigns are simplified, and the greatest part is that everything is in one spot, and it informs me how to get the most out of my efforts.

Set yourself up for success by following these steps:

With your free company score, you can get started on your road toward digital marketing success. It teaches you where to begin when taking your first steps and how to skillfully go forward with your existing internet marketing efforts in the future.

Afterwards, follow your customized step-by-step checklists to get your business going, and begin utilizing our free internet advertising platform to promote your company.

Increase the number of customers you reach over the internet.

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. Our platform allows you to create and manage your online advertising campaigns across Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, all from a one location.

Adzooma ensures that you get the most out of your advertising efforts and that you get the greatest potential outcomes, regardless of your present degree of success.

Advertise for only a few minutes every day.

A few minutes each day is all it takes to run a successful advertising campaign. Our technology automates the majority of the effort, allowing you to concentrate on operating your company.

Increase the level of your abilities

Continue to go forward with your marketing efforts by exploring our Academy, which is completely free. Using our practical marketing playbooks and video lessons, you can learn digital marketing from the ground up or improve your existing abilities.

This Platform has been an excellent partner in assisting us with the launch of our new company. They have invested significant time in learning about our company and introducing us to their platform as well as digital marketing in general.

Let’s get this party started.

Find out how to make internet advertising simple and effective.

Take $125 in FREE ads on us

Because, as a result of our unique connection with Microsoft, we are pleased to give you $125 in free advertisements. (Only for new Microsoft ad accounts.)

As a result, you receive five times the return on your advertising investment as well as a whole new supply of targeted, potential consumers.

All you have to do is become a member of Adzooma. Which is our award-winning premium platform… that is, in fact, completely free of charge.

It is Adzooma that you will appreciate if you want to minimize your daily ad administration and optimization to just a few minutes each day while simultaneously managing and expanding many accounts.

Our Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising platform, which includes everything you need for stress-free campaign administration in a single interface, is available to you.

The award-winning ad management software gives you total control over your campaigns. Every week, rule-based automation saves you hours since it is available 24 hours a day.

Improve your quality score, conversions, and return on investment by optimising your site around the clock.

Opportunity The engine analyzes ad data and makes recommendations for changes that you can implement in a few clicks.

Multiple account management provides the ease of having everything in one location

Real-time bespoke reporting measures your return on investment and keeps you in complete control at all times.

This platform is currently available for free, but as you can see from the list, it provides more features than other premium platforms in comparison.

Take advantage of the strong combination of Adzooma and Microsoft right now and receive $125 in free advertisements. Keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer, so act quickly to guarantee that you do not miss out.



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